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Stille Sehnsucht - Warchild
ein Film von Christian Wagner

balkan blues trilogy

Senada (Labina Mitevska) und Heinle (Otto Kukla) vor dem Heinle Haus in Ulm
Senada (Labina Mitevska) and Mr.Heinle (Otto Kukla) in front of Aidas new home in Germany

  The frantic ache of a displaced loved one ferried off during wartime to a better life haunts the tragic maternal heroine of Christian Wagner's award-winning Warchild, the second installment in his Balkan Blues Trilogy.

Labina Mitevska
Samir Senad Basic
Frau Jandrasko Katrin Sass
Beate Heinle Crescentia Dünßer
Lars Heinle Otto Kukla
Zdenko Jelcic
Marija Miranda Leonhardt
Tonyslav Heinrich Schmieder
Momir Davor Janic
Aida/Kristina Joelle Ludwig

Labina Mitevska (Before the Rain) stars as Senada, a young mother whose only daughter Aida was removed from Bosnia-Herzegovina during the worst years of the war and presumably adopted into a Western European family. Searching for her after the war, Senada follows her intuition; eventually she enters illegally into Germany, where she discovers through a social worker (played by Katrin Sass, so memorable as the frazzled mother in Wolfgang Becker's Good Bye, Lenin!) the harsh truth of postwar adoption: Aida is alive and well and living happily with a German family. Dark secrets then emerge, leaving no one unscathed in this expertly crafted, superbly performed drama.

Warchild featuring Labina Mitevska and Katrin Sass (Good Bye, Lenin) and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Christian Wagner (Wallers last Trip/Transatlantis/Ghetto Kids), presented for the first time at the prestigious 30. WORLD FILM FESTIVAL MONTRÉAL in competition.

Senada (Labina Mitevska) und Heinle (Otto Kukla) vor dem Heinle Haus in Ulm
Social worker Mrs.Jandrasko (Katrin Sass) tries to explain to Senada (Labina Mitevska) the constraints of German law

Labina Mitevska (European Shootingstar 1998) made her debut in Before the Rain, a film that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and has appeared in several Michael Winterbottom films (Welcome to Sarajevo and I Want You).

Katrin Sass, too, has a remarkable career to look back on. At the Berlin International Film Festival in 1982, she received the Silver Bear for her performance in On Probation and she also was awarded the German Film Award for her part in Heide M. The acclaimed Good Bye, Lenin! earned her international recognition.

DIRECTOR Christian Wagner about the movie "Warchild is a modern, passionate story of a strong woman ill-served by destiny, but who nonetheless forges on. Despite the excitement and dramatic climax, the story has an open ending. Viewers are left with questions: Should the girl return
to her biological mother, or would it be for the best if she stayed with the adoptive parents? Should the 12-year-old decide for herself? To me, a powerful film is a film that lingers in your mind. Even if you have already left the movie theater and you are walking home in the dark, you still find yourself contemplating about the insights gained into the depth, soul, and authenticity of human existence. That is why the soundtrack continues to play for a few moments after the credits have disappeared and while a black screen is shown..."