Ghetto Kids is the story of two foreign children in a socially explosive neighborhood in Munich. Thirteen-year-old Christos lives with his mother and two brothers in extremely crowded quarters, and idolizes his older brother, Maikis. But his real home is the central station, where occasional trick and petty theft puts a little cash in his pocket.
Ghetto Kids, is an as hard biting a social drama as they come. And it tells also the story of teacher Hanna Solinger (Barbara Rudnik/ CAMPUS; SANDMANN) who returns to her mother, near Munich.
She's assigned to a school in an area of high social deprivation (with children from just such an area playing themselves in the film). After her first day she's ready to call it quits, telling the principal she's unwilling to teach that particular class ever again. What she doesn't let on is that one of the pupils, Christos, robbed her at the station the day before. The station is his second home and he earns his living turning tricks and stealing.
When Maikis is framed by a rival gang and arrested in the school-yard, Christos implores Hanna to stay and do what she can for Maikis, but she's unwilling. Until streetworker Xaver (Günther Maria Halmer/ GANDHI; DIE INNERE SICHERHEIT), persuades her to try a new teaching method. The attempt works and she's accepted by the students. She and Xaver also manage to win Maikis' freedom.
It looks like a happy end, with both brothers on a solid path. But then...