directed by Christian Wagner

produced by Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduktion
and Christian Wagner Film co-produced by Bayerischen Rundfunks and Norddeutschen Rundfunks.
Development supported by MEDIA und FFF Bayern



Media  FFF

Germany 2014
HD Dolby Digital (2K DCP subtitled in english/french/spanish/Slovenian versions)
duration: 90 Min

worldsales: Global screen worldsales

„One of the best movies of the year.“ (TZ-Munich)

“Like the leaves in the storm
that helplessly cry for life,
so drained, so empty,
I swore to face my life with spirit,
so strangled, dead, and empty.
Like the old tree misses the bright days,
standing motionless, sodden, bare,
like it remembers happy days
and straightaway forgets them,
I too grew listless and
fight for the last sparks...
For the last spark alive in me.”

Poem performed by punk Bille, originally written by John (L.D.), a juvenile delinquent sentenced by Kirsten Heisig

The Berlin-based Juvenile Court Judge Kirsten Heisig committed suicide on June 28, 2010. Her life's work, the so-called "Neukölln Model", is still in force today. This film is based on her nonfictional book "Das Ende der Geduld", which was published shortly after her death and became not only a bestseller but also one of the most discussed books of the year.

„I have worked in the Berlin criminal justice system for twenty years. Most of that time I served as a juvenile judge. My duty is to process criminal cases against young people. I still practice my profession with conviction and want to make meaningful decisions that contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency but also give the people facing charges in court the chance to live a
life without crime. For quite some time I no longer feel like I can achieve both aims.“

„Together we must think about how the future in this society should be. And we must act. Now.
I hope to contribute to this with my book. As a judge but also a citizen of this country.“

Kirsten Heisig, Berlin, summer 2010


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