An idyllic valley in the Allgaeu. A railway line will be shut down and Waller, an old track inspector whose life has been a part of history, will be forced out of work. Waller sets out on his final inspection, controlling sleeper for sleeper. His journey becomes a journey through time; his youth in the 20s, his first experience as track inspector, parting with a good friend who never returned from the war; his forbidden love for Angelika - her industrialist father Heindl would never let his daughter marry a simple track inspector. These memories lead us to people, to pleasure, to forgetting. Grass grows over the memory. When he passes the last buffer, the tracks have disappeared beneath the high grass. Only the railway embankment accompanies Waller’s last walk.

"Writing and devloping a story is coupled with the mood of a landscape, the atmosphere of light, the times of day, and the seasons. You immerse yourself, almost meditatively, to get behind the images"
 Christian Wagner